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John Curran is a gifted singer, songwriter and performer who has delighted many audiences the world over. This Ferryland, Newfoundland native now resides in St. John’s Newfoundland where he performs regularly with one of the provinces most talented and highly regarded bands, “The Masterless Men.”

John’s unique tenor voice has a quality and air of sincerity that can truthfully convey the story in any song while creating a colorful and graphic visual in the mind of every listener. Coupled with his mastery of the acoustic guitar, his haunting rendition of the many Irish ballads he has made his own over the years tend to consistently bring a tear to the eye of most everyone who lends an ear.

John’s passion for music and life always shines through with his larger than life exuberance while performing live onstage. His ear-to-ear smile during the concerts and pub sessions all but forces you to smile and sing along and have as good a time as he is having. John’s ability to introduce a ballad, and instantly get you hooked on what he is about to sing is a natural ability that is neither learned nor practiced. This innate gift is a result of his culturally rich, Irish Newfoundland heritage, and his upbringing in outport Newfoundland that was and still is steeped in down to earth living and a close, loving family.

John Curran has been performing with the Masterless Men and frequently appearing solo since 1991 when they burst onto the stage ready to share their unique fusion of Irish and bluegrass music. Performances with the likes of The Clancey Brothers, Tommy Makem, Foster and Allen, Danny Doyle, and a host of other world renowned musicians in location such as Orlando Florida, Toronto Ontario and all over Atlantic Canada has enriched this performers style and craft.

John just released his first solo traditional CD entitled “Unconditional”, a fine selection of original compositions and traditional favorites. John released a solo Christmas CD in 2009 entitled “May Your Days Be Merry and Bright “and has recorded seven CD’s with The Masterless Men between 1993 and 2012, which have all aided in presenting this talented and gifted performer. Stay tuned for more work from John!


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