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"I was so happy to have the ability to include my late father in my Unconditional CD. We recorded him singing over 25 years ago on a small tape recorder in Ferryland. We cleaned up the sound, added my guitar plus other instrumentation and it turned out to be something very special. I am excited to share this with everyone"
--John Curran speaking on the creation of his CD Unconditional
In the making of this album, John invited several musical guests and friends to join in.  Greg and Ray Walsh, Brenda Gatherall, Nelson Giles, Craig Young and Carl Peters all worked with John to make every song stand out and reflect the passion and soul that went into this recording. Renowned recording engineer Spencer Crewe was instrumental in bringing all this together!

Unconditional has three bonus tracks with vocal contributions from John’s daughter Alicia Curran, his brother Wilf Curran and his father, Paddy Curran.

Current fans will love this new album, and new fans will undoubtedly join in and enjoy the musical journey. The track list includes: Black Is The Color, Unconditional Love (Original), Isle of Hope, Imagine, Hard Times Come Again No More, Me and My Guitar (Original), Red Is The Rose, Ode To Age (Original) and many more!

John Curran’s new album is a great mix of old and new that will delight any one lucky enough to listen.
This is the title of the my 2009 Christmas CD and the first solo venture by me without The Masterless Men. For a long time I wanted to record a solo project and more specifically a Christmas CD and that time has finally come. The songs on this CD spark particular Christmas memories for me and hopefully for many of my fans as well.

The songs on this CD are the Christmas standards that we have all come to know and love. These songs come alive as you can just imagine them being sung so beautifully around the table when the family gather.

Christmas is about family and being with the ones you love and the feeling of warmth and belonging.
I am especially proud that my daughter Alicia performed with me on this Solo debut.

The songs on this CD are the ones that make me feel good all over during the Christmas season and I hope they bring back similar memories for you.
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